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The Crider Chronicles

The Crider Chronicles, Anderson GentryThe nations of humanity thought they were alone in the Galaxy. They were wrong, and now humanity faces a threat greater than all the wars in all their history.

After millennia of conflict, of wars, pestilences, famines, and endless conflict, humanity has finally achieved a measure of peace.  Earth is quiet and prosperous.

As always, peace comes with a price.  Prosperity has led to population, and the demand for space and resources is forcing humanity to look outwards, past the Moon, past the solar system, to the stars.  In the years following the invention of the first interstellar ships, mining and colonization ships of Off-World Mining & Exploration, Inc. have spread to a dozen habitable worlds.

On the wilderness world of Forest, a young Company hunter and pioneer, Mike Crider, makes first contact with forces of the hostile Grugell Empire.  Once again humanity faces crisis and conflict as Mike Crider leads the militia that defeats the Grugell on Forest, and goes on to help form the first interstellar government.

The fledgling Confederation faces one paramount task:  Build a Navy for the war that they know is coming.

Through guerilla battles in the deep woods, canyons and prairies of the wilderness world Forest, through the struggle to set up a new interstellar government, through the battles of the first Galactic War, the Crider family overcomes the forces of the hostile Grugell Empire to emerge as the Confederation’s Founding Family.

The Crider Chronicles is available to purchase as a printed book or an eBook!

Sky of Diamonds

Sky of Diamonds, Anderson GentryA trillionaire recluse. An eccentric old man. An Amazonian former Marine. A young, seemingly ‘innocent’ girl. A racketeer’s bodyguard.

They all are driven by strange desires: lust for power, money, and more; goaded by dark instinct, driven to secrecy, hiding in plain sight among the Confederacy’s trillions of ordinary humans.

With the Grugell war decades in the past, a tentative and fragile peace has settled over the Confederacy.  In the midst of this long period of peace, prosperity and exploration, evidence of an ancient legend has resurfaced.  Are the apparently immortal Elites monsters, or guides?  Predators or teachers?  Wellsprings of evil or fonts of wisdom?

Do the Elite themselves even know the answers?

From the wards of a Confederate Navy hospital ship, to an outlaw world, to a burgeoning new colony, the Elite are slowly making their presence felt. The Confederacy and, indeed, humanity itself, will never again be the same.

Sky of Diamonds is available to purchase as a printed book or an eBook!

Barrett’s Privateers

Barrett's Privateers, Anderson GentryIn a galaxy where peace is breaking out all over, it isn’t always easy for a pirate to adapt.

The Grugell War is over. The Galaxy is at peace, with uneasy diplomatic relations established between the Confederacy and the Grugell Empire.
Follow along for two post-war adventures of The Crider Chronicles’ Captain Jean Barrett as she and the crew of the armed privateer starship Shade Tree struggle to make a living in the post-war Confederacy by accepting whatever jobs come their way. Sometimes they’re legal — and sometimes not.

Barrett’s Privateers is available to purchase as a printed book or an eBook!