Sky of Diamonds

Sky of Diamonds, Anderson GentryA trillionaire recluse. An eccentric old man. An Amazonian former Marine. A young, seemingly ‘innocent’ girl. A racketeer’s bodyguard.

They all are driven by strange desires: lust for power, money, and more; goaded by dark instinct, driven to secrecy, hiding in plain sight among the Confederacy’s trillions of ordinary humans.

With the Grugell war decades in the past, a tentative and fragile peace has settled over the Confederacy.  In the midst of this long period of peace, prosperity and exploration, evidence of an ancient legend has resurfaced.  Are the apparently immortal Elites monsters, or guides?  Predators or teachers?  Wellsprings of evil or fonts of wisdom?

Do the Elite themselves even know the answers?

From the wards of a Confederate Navy hospital ship, to an outlaw world, to a burgeoning new colony, the Elite are slowly making their presence felt. The Confederacy and, indeed, humanity itself, will never again be the same.

Sky of Diamonds is available to purchase as a printed book or an eBook!